We can only wish and give the WWE personality that came up with the phrase CAPITOL PUNISHMENT kudos as it, indeed, captured the prevailing mood during the wrestling tournament.

The capacity crowd, at the home of the Capitol Hill, was bolstered with great excitement as they anticipated the next match between Alex Riley and his mentor -the awesome one, Miz. The match promised to be capital punishment, in the Capitol Hill town, of some sorts when seen from the point of-view of each contestant.



The entrance song to the Miz blasted over the hidden speaker, into the hearing of the awaiting crowd and the gigantic screen alighted with the Miz high-point maneuvers. Underneath the white framed screen, built with fluffy white material, where above man-sized letters that spelt AWESOME. The individual white coloured words hid the individual people that held them in place. Suddenly the alphabets ‘AWE’ separated from ‘SOME!’ and the Miz walked proudly, through them into the glaring view of the excited crowd. He bounced towards the ring with a spring in his sure footed steps, swinging the money-in-the bank briefcase in his right hand as the ring announcer stated the stipulation of a ‘one fall’ for the match. He donned a navy blue jacket over his bare-body and rather red pant. He bundled his 231 pounds of experienced muscular frame and jumped on the ring; he balanced himself there on his knees and glared at the crowd before stepping through the ropes and into the ring.

The light work in the arena danced around the body of the Miz and highlighted his awesomeness to the crowd; The Miz greeted the crowd in his accustomed way by bending and regally swinging his arms from behind him to spread them high above his head.



The action Jazzy sound of Alex Riley, entrance song reverberated through the air, and again, the crowd rose to their feet to hail the arrival of their newest independent wrestling idol. The blue and yellow beams from the arena’s spot-lights danced around the crowd and illuminated the appearance of Alex Riley into the contest. Alex Riley paused for a while and drank in the good will pouring in from the jubilating crowd, his stance seemed to immediately graduate into that of a real world class athlete, and he knew that the crowd thought him as good as any other world class fighter. Then he walked assuredly towards the ring, confident, evidently feeling happy for himself. Not long ago (just over a year) he was just a graduate from the Boston College University, playing football, he had come to the WWE through the NXT and now he was already enjoying the world class standing ovation reserved only for elite wrestlers.

He stood outside the ring and starred at the waiting Miz while proudly letting the Miz: aware of the crowds assessment of himself.

Micheal Cole, staunch supporter of the Miz; was just not able to understand why the WWE Universe were proud of Alex Riley.

“Are they proud of how selfish he is?” he began.

“Are they proud how ungrateful he is…how unappreciative he is… how ingrate he is…? “

But, others like ace king-commentator like Jerry Lawler felt that Cole’s outburst was just a perfect description of the man Miz.



Alex riley stood face to face with his former mentor in the middle of the ring. He listened for a while to the beginning of what would have been another long and boring disrespectful tirade from Miz and decided to cut it short with a sharp kick at Miz’s stomach. And it was effective, the referee quickly evacuated the offensive brief case and the match was declared officially started by the ringing of the bell.

Alex Riley repeatedly punched the Miz, forcefully sending him backwards to the corner of the ring. The Miz was experienced enough to know the disadvantage of having an attacker on the offensive while having his back pressed at the rings corner ropes. He fought back, pushing his weight against Riley despite the blows and both men crashed to the ground-the Miz on top.

But Alex Riley quickly twisted his body pushing the Miz onto his back and continued hammering at the Miz. The Miz gulped some air in between the blows, managed a second wind contraction of his muscles and used what remaining strength he had to run away from the ring -pushing away and sliding out of the ring from underneath the ropes. Alex Riley went after him in hot pursuit.

The Miz looked back and saw Riley’s purposeful frame descending the ring after him and willed his leg muscles to attain more speed. As he raced around the first bend his experienced mind had formed a quick plan. He raced around the second bend and dived underneath the ropes near the end of the ring and was already on his foot before Riley attempted to enter.

The Miz plan seemed to be working; his dangerous left hand was already corked for a punch and waiting for Alex riley to get up. But Riley was quick enough to dodge under the punch to the back of the Miz. The Miz turned around to collide with the boot of Alex Riley to his stomach, again driving the air out of him, leaving him powerless to be punched back relentless to the corner of the ring. Riley kept up with powerful punches to the head of the Miz until the ex-champ ran-out of strength and sagged limply on the ropes. The referee prevailed on Alex Riley to take some steps backwards to avoid inflicting more punishment to his ex-mentor.

This was all the time the Miz need to bounce out of the ring corner with his foot in the air. Alex Riley, evidently not experienced enough to heed  the proverb “look before you leap” blindly rushed around the referee for another impatient move on the Miz and received the full force of Miz’s kick is his guts. Alex Riley went down and rolled over.

The Miz, showing that he could also be relentless in his attack, used his foot to repeated pound into the body of the grounded Alex Riley. He held on to the rope, for support, and crashed his foot four times into Alex Riley. The referee thought it fit to stop him at this point and mercifully push Miz away to save the inexperienced man, but Miz only went back a few paces and was again on Riley.

He picked up the slumped form of Riley and slammed his right knee into Riley’s stomach, then a left knee and finally another right knee. Riley, windless, fell to his knees. The Miz picked him up again, crashed his left knee into him again before moving back a space to garther the momentum he needed to run another knee kick at Riley mid-section that spun the youngster around. Riley was completely out of wind and fell to the floor.

The Miz was fired up, he loomed above the prostrate man the ran towards the ring to gather the speed he needed to deliver a crushing kick at Riley’s head. Alex’s head arced backwards and bounced right-off the floor to a vertical position.

The former WWE champion walked around the body of Alex Riley and stood in front of him, held his head on one hand and punch away with his left hand until Riley collapsed back to the floor. The Miz posed only for a moment above him before bending down to bring the head of Riley up again for another shattering left fist, Riley’s head went crashing down again. He stepped over the body of Alex Riley and stood starring down Riley, before bent down and lifted him. The Miz kept the pressure on Riley’s throat to chock out the air in him as he lifted the younger man up, then slammed the head to Riley side ways into the canvass below.

He stalked Riley as he tried to get up, with the aid of the ropes, he stretched out his hand to pull Riley up by the shoulder.

As soon as Riley felt the stiff grip of the Miz on him, he judged that the Miz should be within a striking distance. Blindly, he lunched himself toward the general direction of the Miz and swung a fist towards him at the same instant.

With the quick agility of a cat the Miz sprang backwards and avoided the punch from Riley. The momentum of the missed punch carried Riley all the way to the floor. The Miz stood above his foe and thought about this next line of attacks. He lashed forth his foot and connected with the left side of Riley’s face.

Alex Riley tried gingerly to get to a kneeling position, while the Miz coordinated a walk around him consciously. Riley launched himself at the Miz once more, but his punch fell short as the Miz, again, sprang out of harms way.

The Miz balanced himself squarely in front of rising Alex Riley, taunting him, his confidence rising as he saw that Alex could barely support himself on a kneeling position. He corked his right arm and descended a damaging fist towards the head of Riley, but some how Alex Riley was able to muster the power to effect a left handed block.

Two consecutive right fists collided with the side of the Miz head as Alex Riley tried to gain some control of the situation, but the stronger Miz was able to throw in an effective right knee into the ‘rectus abdominis’ of the tired man. Riley dropped again to his knees and the Miz was quickly upon him gripping his head.

The Miz held tightly to the neck of Alex Riley, he dropped back wards sharply and jammed the front of Riley’s head to the floor. The match seemed to be at its end, the Miz crawled over Riley and lifted Riley’s right leg for an effective pin.

The referee was on the ground, besides them in seconds and began the three-count but Alex Riley kicked out before the second count. Not wanting to give Alex Riley any breathing space, the Miz quickly stationed himself behind Riley and rammed his knee, twice, into the middle of Riley’s back.

Riley panted heavily on the ground as the Miz walked around him to stand infront of him. The ex-champ saw that the head of his opponent was stationary and the man too dazed to comprehend his environment. He saw an opportunity to further diminish Riley’s consciousness of his surroundings and walked backwards, towards the ring.

The Miz leaned his weight on the ropes and then let it spring him forward. He kicked-out letting the base of his sole propel Alex Riley’s head backwards, in an arc, to smash dangerously off the floor. Alex Riley momentarily lost consciousness of himself, for a while, flattened out on the floor.

Towering above the unconscious form of his adversary, the Miz inspected destructive effects of his handiwork and glared at the crowd. The crowd, he believed, was now getting to what he meant by… “there is a fine line between luck and AWESOME!” It was very glaring that the ring experience of the Miz was paying off.

The crowd seemed dumb founded to see Riley still struggling to his feet. It was also beginning to sink into some of them that this fight wasn’t about a show of experience or about championship winning ability -this fight was personal, and Riley was willing to task his endurance to the limit to achieve victory.

Riley rose, with what seemed his last strength and the Miz left hand dropped him to the floor. Miz walked around him calculating the best angle to attack. He Riley, again, mustered some strength to get to his fist and The Miz positioned himself to slam in another heavy blow that dropped Riley painfully to the floor.

Riley’s situation arose pity, may be the referee should have stopped the fight at that point, Riley seemed he needed to be saved from further embarrassments.

The Miz was postured as one filled with righteous anger, he walked confidently around Riley and attempted to get Riley to a vertical base by gripping him by the head.

In desperation Riley anchored his foot firmly on the floor and pushed forward with all power he could muster. He was able to drive the frame of the right into the corner of the ring. Then he proceeded to trap the body of the Miz to the corner holding tight to the two adjacent ropes to box the Miz in. And before the Miz could get in a second breath he proceeded to Jam Miz in the belly with his shoulders. Three times the Miz puffed out air as the shoulder of Riley Smash into him before the referee interfered to push Riley away.

The Miz observed Riley being pushed away and saw Riley rushing around the referee towards him. From the stance of Riley he could deduce that Riley was about to dive for a shoulder Smash at him and twisted his body out of the corner. Alex Riley flew undisturbed to crash his shoulders into the ring post and was rolled outside the ring by the momentum of his rush.

It was apparent that Riley was agonizing, he held on painfully to his injured shoulder, but the Miz shared no pity for Riley’s condition. He quickly stepped out of the extreme corner of the ring where Alex Riley lay writhen in pain on the floor. He crouched, stalking his prey and waited till he saw Riley get to a sightless sitting position, then he rushed toward and planted a damaging kick to the fore-head of Riley. The repercussion of that kick was stunning; Riley’s head arced downwards, backwards to Smash on the hard floor out side the ring.

It was fast becoming a unanimous decision that the referee should use his discretion and stop the fight before Riley became fatally injured; apparently Riley seemed not even able to put up any defenses against the onslaught of the Miz.

Alex Riley was picked up like a rag-doll and tosses into the ring by the Miz, pulling Riley’s head so that it hanged outside the ring. The pointed his fingers warningly at Riley and gave Riley a bit of the masters tongue-lashing before proceeding to sting  Alex Riley with a blow across the back of the head.

The crowd watched in horror as the Miz took a couple of steps backward and rushed forward planting a solid kick to the defenseless side Riley’s head. Riley’s head bounced, completely lifting his body in a sideways arc, into the ring.

Miz was quick to rush into the ring and rolled over Riley’s body for the three counts. It could have all been over at this point but for Riley’s desperate kick-out at two counts. The crowd jubilated the tenacity of Riley, but some really felt that Riley seemed to be too inexperienced to know when to stay down and quit.

The Miz stood over him and called out to him Jeeringly Riley waved his fist, and rolled his eyes sightlessly towards the direction of the Miz’s voice.

Miz watched him try to gather his strength and prodded him on, tauntingly; he saw Riley stretch himself and the Miz also sprang back to avoid Riley’s blind swing. He also watched as Riley crumbled right back into a near senseless heap.

The face of the Miz was aglow with happy scorn as be toyed with Riley. Coming close to taunt Riley and stepping effortlessly out of the way as Riley threw a blind tired punch in his direction.

Miz miscalculated just how rested Riley was and never expected Riley to recover so fast, after missing a punch and crashing, again, on the ground. Riley just hit the floor and leveraged himself back into the air immediately. The grin at the lips of the Miz quickly curled into a deep snarl of pain as Riley’s fist was projected to the side of his face. The Miz was spun right round while Riley landed on the floor.

Prodded by his successful hit, Riley got to his feet as the Miz was still turning around and landed a Smashing right hand at Miz’s head. The hit forcefully reversed the direction of the Miz; the punch was followed by another one.

Riley was going for another punch when Miz swung order it to the back of Riley and then wrapped a choking arm around Riley’s neck. Riley was suddenly in dilemma, he knew that he would pass out in a short while if the Miz kept up the air-cutting choke pressure around his neck and fought desperately to save himself by getting a hold on the ring rope. Riley succeeded in doing so but the Miz jumped and hung on his back, shifting all his force backwards. Alex Riley’s hold on the rope was broken before the referee intervened.

Riley seemed to be in a situation where the Miz was totally in charge of the matches momentum. One of the match live-commentators thought that Riley was being taught the lesson of his life.

But Jerry Lawler was less pessimistic about Riley’s fate regarding the match. It would only take one mistake (as the Miz had demonstrated he could do) for Alex Riley to get a three count.

Booker-T did not ‘dig’ that such as situation was possible, on the night of the contest, he delivered (and maybe so) that Riley was out of his element in this match against his mentor.

Finally, Riley was down on his knees, the effect of the choke-hold around his neck began its devastating first symptoms. Down in the centre of the ring, the Miz wrapped both legs around Riley’s torso completely directing all his force on the choke-hold.

The referee was also down on his knees inspecting the condition of Riley as the Miz continued his efforts to wear down Riley. The thoughts on everyone’s mind, at this point, was would Alex Riley give–up to the former WWE champion.

Riley’s world was black he felt the last of his strength beginning to completely drain out of him and the only thing he was aware of was the crowd urging him-on. He must have remembered their standing ovation, dug deep into his reserves to muster the strength to roll him self and the Miz towards the end of the ring. He wasn’t about to let his new fans down and lose to the mean mouthed Miz- who would not stop talking about his defeat after a year.

Riley gradually balanced himself on one knee, then on both feet, getting himself into a striking position, then arced his right hand upwards and downwards into the belly of the Miz. The air could almost be literally imagined rushing out of the puffed shape of the Miz mouth. Riley continued with a left then another right punch at the Miz’s belly before the ex-champ recovered to ram a left knee into him. Riley bent, limply, double.

The Miz quick turned Riley so that he faced upwards, his left arm still wrapped around Riley’s throat, the Miz threw his right leg backwards and swung it forward while he shifted his weight downwards. Riley’s head impacted explosively on the ground, the crowd let out a loud “…ohh!” and Michael Cole could be heard shouting a heart-felt ‘good-night’ to Riley.

“Good night (Riley)….a lesson in respect ladies and gentlemen …!” began Cole’s announcement to signify the end of the match as the referee dropped down the ground and began counting. One…two…and Riley powered out forcefully with a powerful thrust of his legs.

The crowd cheered Riley jubilantly, the looks on the Miz face turned into that of desperation and disbelief. Miz sank his fingers worriedly through his hair, wondering (as he would if he was facing the UNDERTAKER) what it would take to keep this his, apparently, upward climbing ex-student down.

While Jerry Lawler commented (referring to Cole’s apparent shock) that may be the power-out would give Michael Cole more time to watch his hero (Miz); Cole replied that it would just offer the Miz more time to punish Riley.

As the Miz sat in disbelief Riley rolled and pushed himself up. He crawled, gasping, to the edge of the king as the Miz came to his and started his stalking dance. Riley was still blind and trying to force strength-giving air into his lungs when the Miz covered the distance between then in a short run before leaping through the air to land on the second rope just besides Riley. His right arm, moving at the same momentum, crashed down on Riley’s throat.

Riley’s head snapped back from the force of the impact and his whole body bounced forward to crash face-first to the ground.

Just as quickly as he had delivered his attack the Miz climbed to the top of the ring post, balancing himself, and waited for Riley to struggle up a vertical position. Just as Riley managed to stand erect the Miz launched himself off the top of the ring and crashed both hands at the top of Riley’s head. Riley dropped like an axed poll, his head smashed to the ground with a sickening thud and he lay still.

The arena was agog with adrenaline induced shouts as the crowd expected the end. The Miz flashed to the ground and instantly hook-up Riley’s legs while the referee hit the mat once, twice! And Alex Riley kicked out before the third count.

Sounds of applaus erupted from the crowd; they had probably never seen such resilience from a non-veteran fighter of the WWE before. While Riley moved his hand across his face to clear his head, the Miz ruffled his hair with his fingers to clear his desperation.

Miz got up and dragged Riley by the neck and rushed him to the edge of the ring. He collided the head of Riley against the hard bump on the ropes, further scrambling the young man’s brains, and then bent low to lift Riley up to place him astride the ropes on the rings edge. He grabbed Riley’s head from behind and swung it backwards so that Riley’s back and head collided with the lower part of the rings edge. Riley was hung upside down.

Riley hung there as Miz mercilessly rammed his booted leg into Riley’s upper chest area. The crowds shout rose in pitch as the Miz retreated to the far corner of the ring, and he glared around making sure that the people knew he was about to inflict some serious assault on Riley.

The crowd shouted their warnings, displeasures, held their breaths as the Miz rushed towards the lifeless and up-side-down hanging Riley. He jumped into the air, both feet closing the distance between he and Riley rapidly. And then, just when everybody expected the worst, Riley coiled his body upwards and evaded the devastating collision. The momentum powered the Miz to the end of his flight; his legs were unluckily parted and his buttock rammed into the ring post.

Riley rolled off the ring and landed badly inside the ring, but his landing was nothing closely worse to the landing of their Miz.

This seemed to be Rileys chance to get back into the match if he could somehow capitalize on Miz’s bad condition. Both men painfully got to their feet, but the more experienced Miz lunched the first attack. Miz ran towards his prey intending to catch Riley off guard, but Riley braced himself against the rings edge and repelled Miz’s attack with a quick kick.

Riley paused just long enough to catch-in a deep breath and rushed into a dive at the returning Miz, spearing Miz to the floor. In an instant he resumed his offensive, clubbing the Miz repeatedly with his fists. He got to his feet, pulled the Miz up, cupped the back of the Miz head with his palms and swung the front of Miz’s face against the bump at the corner of the rings rope. As the Miz bounced out he, again, cupped the back of the Miz head and ran him face-first again to the other corner of the ring. The momentum carried Miz shoulder into a painful jam with the ring post. Then as the extricated himself and turned dazedly around, Riley picked him up and delivered a crushing spine-buster to the Miz. The Miz lay spread-eagled on the floor.

The Miz felt his leg pulled over his chest as his back pressed firmly to the floor from the weight of Riley. As if from faraway he could dimly hear the referee’s first and second count and willed his body to counter. His legs pushed forward and gained him the leverage he needed to power-out before the third count. The crowd cheered on and one of the commentators nearly gave into heart attack (guess which).

Riley stood up; strength pouring back into him from as he walked slowly towards Miz’s body on the ground. The Miz seemed to be begging Riley with placating waves of his hands as he bounced his buttocks backwards, away from Riley.

As Riley bent forward to get a hold on Miz, the Miz quickly grabbed Riley and used his forward momentum to throw him out of the ring.

“How smart was that of Miz?” Michael Cole asked his co-commentators, apparently in praise of Miz quick move to throw the other man out of the ring. But his pride in Miz was cut short as Riley rushed forward toward the Miz’s head hanging-out of the second rope.

Riley executed a flying upward scissors kick at the Jaw of Miz. The sound of the kick reverberated almost all round the arena and lifted the Miz bodily into the air to smash back into the ring. As the crowd cheered their approval Riley quickly slide into the ring and hocked-up the Miz’s leg for a two count before Miz kicked-out.

Riley may not have had the kind of experience the Miz possessed but he possessed a fighting spirit that never said ‘DIE!’ He was already on his knees and went after the Miz who retreated out of the ring. He followed the Miz outside and grabbed him by the head and shoulders. First he slammed the body of the Miz against the padded demarcation keeping the audience in check; next he grabbed the Miz by the head and rammed his chest against the ring and finally he guided the senseless form of the Miz Smashing into the side of the announce table. That was when Michael Cole decided to get personally involved in the match to buy Miz some time.

Booker-T actually felt that Riley was in his element, now he was bouncing the Miz street-fight style around the arena. But Michael Cole felt different.

“No respect at all!” he began getting up from his seat, “I mean this is ridiculous!” he said, walking around the announcers table to confront Riley. “Look at what you are doing to this man”, he continued pointing at the limp form of Miz on the ground.

Riley apparently wasn’t paying any attention to him as he bent down to pick-up the body of the Miz. But, then, Michael had to distract his attention by calling his name.

“Riley! I am talking to you!” he addressed Riley directly. Riley paused long enough to glance at his direction.

“This to this man that nurtured you! This is the man that is like ypur father…how could you do this to this man!.” he accused Riley.

Riley walked slowly towards Mr. Cole; apparently the commentator had gotten his full attention.

“This man gave you everything… I mean…!” but the verbal launch of Michael was punctuated as the right hand of Riley reached forward and grabbed him by the tie. Fear immediately appeared in the eye’s of Cole as he realized he had put himself into, physical, harms way. The youngster did not look as if he wanted to tell him, politely, to shut his mouth.

“It’s not about me… it’s not about me…!” he pleaded, but Alex Riley was passed listening, he grabbed Cole squarely by his earphones and ears and tossed him over the table. Michael landed at the base of the ring and nearly tucked his head into his neck to avoid further embarrassment from Riley.

Momentarily, Riley’s attention was directed towards Cole and he failed to notice, in time, the rested Miz rushing at him (just what Cole had in mind). Riley was stunned by the effect of the Miz’s rushing right hand. Miz turned Riley around and tosses him into the ring. The mind of the Miz was completely at the end of its wits and the body of Miz had finally rejected the idea that it could break the resolve of Riley. Nothing in the experience of Miz prepared him for the type of resistance he had experienced from such demonic aggressiveness. The Miz had endured enough and decided Riley was the better man; the only way to defeat the young athlete, without further pain to himself was to enlist the help of a weapon.

And the Miz walked around the announce-table and lifted the money-in-the-bank brief case. The crowd booed at his cowardice and gave warning shouts to their better performing ‘Riley’ to be-aware!

The Miz slid into the ring and got to his feet, lifting the brief case into his left hand as he did so. Alex Riley had his back to him and it was definitely an assured fact that he would just be able to turn around, in time, to collide with the brief case. But the referee was on ground and in fit condition to do his job; the official knew what was coming and moved quickly to intercept the movement of the already air-borne brief case. The referee it twisted out of the grasp of the Miz expertly. The Miz only paused momentarily to watch sadly as his only hope of winning the match was being deposited outside the ring by the referee and turned back immediately towards Riley.

Riley had attained a vertical balance, his agile mind studied the situation before him and he saw his chance. He struck his right foot, with all his might into the belly of the Miz; and then, without giving the Miz the chance to catch a second breath, tucked the Miz head under his arm and then gripped the Miz pants. Riley jumped up and back wards, slamming damagingly the front skull and the entire front area of the Miz into a shattering ‘Conk DDT’.

Riley rolled the unconscious body of the Miz over and hooked up the right leg of the Miz, as the crowd roared their support and the referee was quickly in place to start the three count. The cheering crowd counted in unison with the referees hand counts on the floor. They counted “one!…  two!!… Three!!!” and their heart warming cheers charged through the air in the area. Their man ‘Riley’ had gotten the Miz.

The theme song of Riley was immediately in the air and Alex Riley walked around the ring drinking in the air and good will that poured in from the crowd. He bent down briefly, filled with emotion -so his time had finally come. His joy knew no-bounds as the referee raised his hand and the announcers announced his name, over the microphone, as the winner of the match.

Alex Riley had the confidence that never made him give-up. Alex Riley had done the unthinkable; he had just done what all his critics never believed he could achieve -just like Cole.

Cole beat the air sadly; it was unbelievable that Alex Riley had just beaten his mentor the Miz.

“I am definitely proud of this kid… Alex Riley…tonight!” stated Booker-T gladly.

“Hang on Booker…” chipped in Lawler with a chuckle, “Not too long ago you were asking the referee to stop the match!” he laughed some more as he observed the Miz sat at the base of the ring with a dejected, almost crying, expression on his face.

“Well that is the way it goes sometimes man!” replied Booker-T and Lawler thanked ‘goodness’ that the referee did not stop the match.

Riley exited the ring, after climbing the ropes to celebrate with the crowd and thank them for their support. As he walked away it was evident that the young man felt good about himself.

Alex Riley had quieted his critics, the Miz and most especially Michael Cole Michael with his victory on Capitol Punishment night. He paused once more to face his new teeming fans, waved at them one last time and walked out of their sight.

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CAPITOL PUNISHMENT INTERVIEW OF THE MIZ         The crowd at the WWE arena watched the MIZ stand side by side with the interviewer on the gigantic screen. As usually the crowd cheered in their expectant mood. They were, save, from … Continue reading

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CAPITOL PUNISHMENT: Intro – The TRUTH between JOHN CENA and ‘R’ Truth





Let me begin by introducing myself as the Smashing Newsman. I like telling stories and giving sports commentaries that are just hot-smashing to my audience.

By joining my news letter you will not be disappointed in getting news that will ‘up’ your adrenaline levels. And I believe the wrestling entertainment world is just the place to start my story telling Sojourn. Please be my guest and I urge you to tell others about me- So that you do not enjoy me alone-remember the adage that says: “There’s joy in sharing.” fine, I know you remember and know also that it’s the truth.

Talking about truth, I will like to begin my commentary with an “Intro’ of the truth between R-truth and John Cena in Capital Punishment.

In recent weeks, from that time, T-truth had been running his mind wild with ‘Fantasies’ of a company-wide Conspiracy that was hell bent on not wanting him to hold the esteemed title of Champion in the WWE Universe.

Now hear the seeming truthful version of R-truths views of John Cena, the situation and the WWE Universe, with rejoinders from the Champ as he defends his Fans and tells his own version of the true state of R-truths mind.

Intro ‘R’ Truth to Cena

Picture R-truth with a face contoured in dark rage, echoes of little Jimmy popping out of his brains, eyes, ears and nostrils. His is dead angry of the WWE Universe and the big/little Jimmys affinity with John Cena. He rumbles these angry words at them:

“Some of us are lucker than others; born as the golden-Child. All you little Jimmys, it’s all a front, One big Conspiracy and it is lead by Ond One man. And you all follow him like the sheep you are!”


  • John Cena Seems to disagree as he rejoins: “These people are not ‘Jimmy’s’, they are the greatest fans in the world!”.

“You wear the uniforms, follow the Creed”. Continous the angry truth, “You Imitate the moves. All you little Jimmy’s you are blinded by lies, living in a delusional sea of ‘red’ ”.

John Cena: “ News flash, that is a fantasy world”.


R-truth: “Do you mean no conspiracy?”


John Cena: “In reality, you are off, the limit!”

R-truth: “No conspiracy.” The venom of hate seems to pour out of his very being as he feels frustrated that the people do not understand this-CONSPIRACY.

“Look around you”. he says, “Isn’t it ironic that we ‘r’ coming from our state capital, the birth place of propaganda? We’ve gat Scandals, we’ve gat Schemes (referring to the antecedents of former presidents ofAmerica) Conspiracies abound!”


John Cena: “…And R-truth is out of his hand mind”.


R-truth gartheres the Fire within him. You could almost believe by looking of his mangled-looking face that he is seeing his volcanic fire of anger pour into the crowd, burning the truth of his next words into their brain.

“Tonight, I don’t need little Jimmies! The ‘only’ thing I need is thatOpportunity!”


John Cena: “You’ve got your match, at capitol punishment, to go one-on-one, for the WWE Champion,  against me!”


From the ‘truth’s’ popping eye balls, he seems to be seeing the brains of the crowd frying in accepting his verdict:

“Tonight, the TRUTH, will set me FREE!”

The ‘truth’ of the matter is that he can see him self floating on-top the capital-punishment wrestling arena, in blinding, angry encasement of blue clashing lightening and angry clouds: lifting the WWE Championship in triumph as torrents of acid-rain falls, dissolving the little and disappointed Jimmy’s below.


Note: If you love to hear from my peridocial C-mashing Commentaries you may wish to subscribe for my news letter at

I will also be more than glad to accept being your facebook friend if you request so that your own friends will also get to know about me. Do not let your friends be left out of these exciting Smashing Commentaries make others aware of my site and facebook addresses.

Smashing Newsman.

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